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Tichenor Families in America
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Martin Tichenor (M+)

Registered: 19.08.2007
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19.08.2007 - 16:20: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

We are glad you are visiting the Tichenor Families in America discussion forum. We hope this will provide a way for people interested in discussing the origins of the Tichenor family and our evolution in America since 1644 when Martin Tichenor came to the shores of the New World, to connect to each other and share information regarding our family.
Regardless your connection to the family or interest in our genealogy, please enjoy your visit, and we hope you will come back often.
Martin Tichenor, 9th generation Tichenor in America, and webmaster of the Official Tichenor Families in America website.

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Registered: 02.10.2007
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02.10.2007 - 14:57: RE: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

I am glad to have found this work already done. I did not know a lot about the Tichenor line. This should clear some things up.

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Registered: 08.09.2007
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17.10.2007 - 03:29: RE: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

I have just found your web site. My Grandmother was a Tichenor, her name was Alva Tichenor the daughter of Robert Romain Tichenor. I am having a problem connecting his father, Alfonzo Floyd Tichenor with Martin Tichenor. The info that I have is that we are connected to Daniel Tichenor, but there are so many Daniels that I am not sure which one is the right one. If anyone can help me connect the dots it will be appreciated.

The OldTracker

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Registered: 23.01.2008
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24.01.2008 - 23:20: RE: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

I am interested in my great grandmother from Brooklyn, Harriet Amelia Tichenor, born in 1838. She married Henry Sanford Bellows. Her children were Charles Mortimer, Julia Edith and Mary Amelia.

I do not have any further information on who her parents and grandparents were.


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Registered: 08.06.2008
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08.06.2008 - 14:37: RE: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

Hello everyone. My name is Tim Tichenor. I was borned in Charleston, IL in 1967. I would like to know more of my heritage dating back from my grand father William (Bill) Tichenor who married Geneva. I believe it would all be in the same area as Charleston, IL.

Timothy Aarron Tichenor

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Kelly J Tichenor

Registered: 17.08.2008
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18.08.2008 - 00:21: RE: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

hello my name is kelly j tichenor my dad was james l tichenor his father was frank r tichenor from nj frank had 7 kids ed,joe,james,tommy,rodmen and another boy and a girl .this is all i know feel free to contact me my dad james was in ww2 he was a jumpmaster for the 101st airborn he past away a little over 10 years ago now he was 79 when he past ...........thank you all for your time.... Kelly

James Lydon Tichenor is listed on page 608 in Tichenor Families in America (pub. 1988 by Harold Tichenor). The only information given is he is (at the time of publication) married and has one child, Kelly. I suspect that is you.
James was son of Frank Ryerson Tichenor, b. Nov 8, 1883 probably in Caldwell, NJ, d. in 1956. M Katherine Lally Feb 28, 1910 in St. Aloyioas Church in Caldwell NJ. Frank and Katherine had seven children; Frank, Claire E., Edwin Lally, Joseph Kennedy, Rodman Paul, James Lydon, and Thomas Larkin.
Frank Ryerson Tichenor was son of James A Tichenor born in New Jersey ca 1840; m Ellen Burk in Newark NJ, Apr 11, 1868. James A. Tichenor is as far back as the genealogy traces that particular line.
If you have more information on any of these individuals (dates of birth/death, marriages, spouse and children names and dates of birth/death, information regarding occupation, education, etc.), I would appreciate your sharing it for inclusion in a possible update of the genealogy.

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Registered: 08.09.2007
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25.08.2008 - 19:43: RE: OldTracker Request for Assistance | Quote Quote

I am amazed that in a period of one year I have received the whole sum of zero responses to my request for help. Apparently all the knowledgeable Tichenors have past away. RIP

First, let me say I am disappointed that you did not get a reply in over a year.
I have looked through the Tichenor Families in America genealogy, (1988 by Harold Tichenor) and found an Alva Suella Tichenor listed on page 515. According to this reference, Alva was the daughter of Alphonzo Floyd Tichenor. She was born 2/17/1854 in Milwaukee, and died there in 1965. She was married to Fred Ingersol, whom she divorced (no dates for those events). This union produced four children: Winifred, Vera, Estelle and Robert. She married a second time to Gus Knepel (again, no date for this). Her father Alphonzo (b. 7/7/1828 d. 4/18/1910. Served in American Civil War as a private in Captain Dawes company 146) was son of Daniel b. 5/21/1797 and d. 11/20/1864 in Seneca, WI. Alphonzo had 6 siblings. Daniel was son of Daniel, b. 1754 in Morris County NJ and d. in 1814 in Addison County VT. This as far back as the author of Tichenor Families in America was able to trace this particular line. Any connection to Martin would be purely speculative. I expect that there is a connection, but with the information we have available, we cannot with certainty make that connection. I would appreciate any information regarding your mother, i.e. dates of marriage, dates of birth of her children, as we continue to compile information should anyone want to update this genealogy at some time in the future. As to the author of Tichenor Families in America, Harold Tichenor, my uncle, he passed away in September of 2005.
I hope this will answer some of your questions and connect some of the dots.
Again, I am sorry that you did not get a more contemporary response to your query. You can find a listing of locations that have the Tichenor Families in America at
Good luck in your pursuits.
Martin Tichenor
9th generation Tichenor in America

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Registered: 17.05.2009
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17.05.2009 - 16:34: RE: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

A quick note to those doing the editing for Tichenor Family's in America. Mary Knox Tichenor, wife of Sherman Day Tichenor passed away May 25th 2006.

Alice Anne Tichenor Sweeney

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Larry A Jones

Registered: 31.05.2009
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31.05.2009 - 18:48: Alfonzo, Daniel et al | Quote Quote

Hello, Old Tracker. We are cousins in the same branch that stems from Daniel who was born in Vermont and who died in Wisconsin as noted by the moderator. I worked for over two decades with Harold Tichenor trying to connect the Vermont Tichenors, but we were unable to find the father. There were three brothers, or close cousins, who came to VT from NJ, Daniel b 1754, Martin, and Zopher. They were from Hanover or Parsippany, Morris Co, NJ

-- Larry in Seattle

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Registered: 11.08.2009
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11.08.2009 - 01:19: Wife of Moses Tichenor - Margaret Jackson? | Quote Quote

I am wondering if anyone has information on the parents of Margaret Jackson or perhaps knows in what church Moses (b1743) and Margaret were married? I have not been able to find any hard documentation of Moses's wife's name or her parentage other than what was listed in "The Titchenal Saga". Does anyone know what his reference/documentation for this marriage is? Any help is appreciated!
Thank you for your time!

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Registered: 09.03.2009
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29.09.2009 - 06:57: RE: Welcome to the Tichenor Families in America Discussion Forum | Quote Quote

Researching LUCINDA TICHENOR b. abt 1806 in New Jersey, d May 15, 1892 in Brooklyn, New York. m. abt 1844 CHAS SIMMONS , he was b. abt 1810 in Pennsylvania, d. between 1849-1853 in California. They had one child Henry B. Simmons b. 1845 in New York City, d. 1920 in Brooklyn, NY. Henry was a veteran of the Civil War and served in the 6th Ohio Cavalry 1864-1865. Henry was a civil war pensioner and his pension file referenced Harriet A Tichenor and Caroline Wilson, they provided affidavits in support of Henry's pension claim in 1897. These ladies may have been sisters and would have been providing information about Henry's early life in New Jersey. Henry also mentions a Jonathan Tichenor and refers to him as "my uncle".
Lucinda (Tichenor) Simmons died in 1892 and is buried at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn NY. The original plot owner was Isaac Ogden Phillips.
Also buried in this plot are Cornelia (Farrington) Phillips, Sarah (?) Farrington, William B Hodgsdon and Sarah L (Phillips) Hodgsdon. I suspect that Lucinda is related to one of these people, Sarah (?) Farrington is a few years younger and also born in New Jersey about 1811.
Lucinda was a member of the Central Baptist Church of Williamsburgh Brooklyn on 1865 until the time of her death in 1892.
Prior to this a Lucinda Simmons is listed in the Newark N.J. directory of 1861 living at 7 Pearl St.
In 1862 she is living at 151 Church St. Her occupation in the directory was "nurse". In the New York State Census of 1865 for Kings Co. NY 13th Ward she is employed as housekeeper to a widower and his 3 sons.
Chas Simmons was an Infantry Soldier in the 2nd Infantry. The 2nd Infantry was deployed to California in 1848. Lucinda (Tichenor) Simmons also went to California in 1848 as she was employed as nurse to the Company Commanders wife. The Company Commander was Capt Henry Walton Wessels and his was wife was Hannah (Cooper) Wessels. Hannah was a niece of James Fenimore Cooper. Sometime between 1849 and 1853 , Chas Simmons was "killed in a fight with the indians" as Henry B Simmons reported to the pension bureau.
Henry and his mother returned to New Jersey area in 1854 and "went to live in Orange, NJ".
Martin's genealogy mentions some ladies by the name of Lucinda but I cannot make the connection.
This a real brick wall so any help would be appreciated.
Thanks to all

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